E-WASTE Electronics, as we know, are complex devices made of various materials. Some of the constituents such as lead, nickel, cadmium, mercury etc., if mismanaged at the end of its lifespan, could pose risks to human life and harms the environment. Donating or recycling consumer electronics conserves our natural resources and reduces our carbon footprint.

REGULATORY MEASURES Our Government is concerned about the proper management & disposal of used electronics and has undertaken regulatory measures in Authorising Facilities such as SOGO as being capable of following the standard environment-friendly process in the recycling of E-waste.

STATE-OF-THE-ART WAREHOUSE SOGO Synergy has a State-Of-The-Art Warehouse measuring 20,000 sq. feet meant for storage, dismantling and recycling of electronic waste with the support of latest technology.

ENVIRONMENTALLY-RESPONSIBLE COMPUTER RECYCLING SERVICES SOGO Synergy is one of the Industry's experienced E-waste re-cycling providers and a strong proponent of “Green IT Re-cycling ”. We work as your partner in re-marketing IT assets, which still have residual value and recycle those that don't, in an environmentally-responsible way. Any IT assets deemed ‘non-resalable’ is thoroughly dismantled in a manner that allows safe extraction of the raw materials so that they can be reused. We adhere and abide by the Pollution Control Board’s guidelines for proper disposal of hazardous e-waste.

COMPUTER LIQUIDATION SERVICES SOGO Synergy acquires used computers and other IT assets from the industry. As one of the leading asset management companies in Karnataka, we provide the best computer liquidation services, which enable companies with excess equipment to sell their used computer hardware for the highest possible return on their investment.

SOGO Synergy helps to bring back revenue into your Company's core business and allows companies to accomplish some operational goals, including:

  • Maximizing the return on the initial cost of the equipment.
  • Decreasing the total cost of ownership.
  • Eliminating the cost associated with warehousing the unused equipment.
  • Increasing usable workspace.

DATA DESTRUCTION SERVICES Sogo Synergy Provides fully secured Data Destruction Services. In today's business world, information is exchanged online at the speed of lightning. It is more important than ever for companies to have a trusted provider of secure data destruction services to prevent sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands.

SOGO Synergy’s professional services meet the standards as identified by US Department of Defence to sanitise computer disks and data through blancco eraser software so that it can never be recovered. Companies can rest assured that all of their data is thoroughly destroyed and that their hard drives are either rendered unreadable, formatted to re-use, or physically destroyed.


  • SOGO Synergy is a specialist in ‘recovery-of-life’ for equipment & its components by refurbishing.
  • We liquidate the refurbished working products through refurbished goods markets at subsidised prices.

DISMANTLING, STORAGE, AND RECYCLING The equipment which cannot be refurbished for re-use is dismantled and remanufactured into raw materials (i.e. metals, plastics, glass) to be marketed as recyclable.

DISPOSAL SOGO Synergy ensures that E-waste does not end up in a landfill. It is sent to an agency authorised by KSCB for disposal, which process E-waste in a Zero dumping technology.



  • We donate a portion of the refurbished products to charitable organisations.
  • SOGO Synergy welcomes companies who are willing to donate their unused E-waste which can be collected, refurbished and sent to charitable organisations.

ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITSE-waste is not considered waste. The equipment or its parts can be re-used to help conserve our natural resources. SOGO Synergy follows “3R” E-waste Management Principles; i.e.


PROCESS DESCRIPTION OF E-WASTE MANAGEMENT The main process begins with collection, disassembly, reuse and recycling of discarded electronic equipment in an environmentally friendly manner.

SORTING AND DISMANTLING This is the main process in E-Waste Management from the material input. The storage materials are segregated by their nature defined as plastic materials, metals, glass and tubes. Sorting of plastic items, sorting of copper scraps, coil and windings, sorting of the printed circuit board for recycling/discarding/ shredding, sorting of cable scrapes, sorting of film scraps, sorting of glass items, sorting of cathode ray tubes and sorting of metals.

PROCESSING Remanufacturing technologies are then adopted for processing the materials. The main goal is refurbishing and refusing all the sub-components which can be recovered.

PLASTIC COMPONENTS Generally, the plastic components can be segregated at source, but the separation is done inside the premises for identification and testing. There is an estimated 72% of mixed plastic that may be the input, and the same is allowed for density separation through the sink and float and then allowed for identification and testing. Segregated plastics will then be shredded and recycled.

METAL COMPONENTS The dry mechanical process allowed for the separation of the metals cannot be segregated manually. The metals attached with other materials will be allowed for pulverising or grinding and then allowed for magnetic separation. The air pollution control is allotted by a cyclone separator and a baghouse. The manual separation is done through the soft equipment.

TUBE PROCESSING The Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) will be dismantled and broken manually through the specially designed cabinet, and the components will be separated. The gas from the picture tube of computers and televisions are separated carefully by the air sucking technology in a closed system. A dry process system will remove the other contents and pollutants.

GLASS PROCESSING The glass is crushed in a closed mechanical system then cleaned, screened and allowed for recycling.

RECYCLINGAll the segregated components is stored in a separate place after processing. The stored material is sent to metal recover units under its categories. Precious elements such as Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Plastics, and Glasses are recovered and recycled.

POLLUTION CONCERENEDNo water pollution or air pollution will be allowed through the entire process.



ARE YOU A BULK CONSUMER OF ELECTRONIC ITEMS?Under E-Waste Management Regulation Rules 2016, Bulk Consumers* are required to:

  • Channelize E-Waste to authorised Recyclers or Dismantler.
  • Maintain a record of E-Waste generated and make it available for scrutiny by PCB.
  • File annual returns to the concerned Pollution Control Boards(PCBs)

*As per Pollution Control Board, Central and State Government, a Bulk Consumer is defined as Public and Private Companies, Educational Institutions, Banks and Healthcare Services exceeding Rs.1 Crore Turn over or 20 Employees.

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